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The migration process to the cloud does not just optimize IT costs. In order, to this happens it´s necessary to use FinOps. FinOps (Cloud Financial Operations) is a cloud management practice. Contrary to what many imagine, FinOps is not software, but a cultural practice that requires training, management, leadership and engagement to reap results.

FinOps has been widely sought and inserted in companies, because in addition to enabling cost reduction, it also allows for predicting the growth of a customer base, allows accelerating and scaling processes and in addition to reducing costs even more. It is a way to increase revenue and apply in the innovations tecnology.

FinOps Journey

The methodology or FinOps Journey should be defined as the end of IT maturity and makes possible  total governance of the areas. There are 3 phases integrated in this methodology: information, optimization and operation that work in a cyclical and continuous way and can operate in different phases in the projects or sectors of a company, hence the need for specialized management.

Inove Solutions has expertise and partners as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud FinOps tools and each of them can present benefits and to be part in some piece of the journey. So, it’s important to choose a partner that works with different brands of providers, also, a partner that makes a personalized diagnosis, with that, your company will be successful in this path.

We have FinOps in our expertise, a specialized solution that, when it´s used in the right way, leverages the benefits of the cloud, ensuring efficiency, high innovation capacity and offering cost optimization. 


•Cost reduction

• Governance

• Business Maturity

• IT maturity

• High scale

• Time to market

• Environment for Innovation



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