IT infrastructure

Innovate, modernize and accelerate!

Traditional IT infrastructures cannot keep up with the changes in the digital landscape, but at the same time for certain segments and objectives it may be essential to use more traditional models, but that does not mean that it is not possible to modernize and guarantee performance.

Hybrid IT Architecture

The hybrid IT architecture can benefit companies that for some reason need an on-premise environment because this framework allows you to use both a system in a local datacenter and also in the cloud.

So while the business keeps its data secure in-house, it optimizes costs and scales productivity with the cloud. Several logistics sectors, banks, industries have opted for this model.

A previous evaluation and understanding is required in order to verify the needs of the company and Inove Solutions is ready to evaluate and suggest the best architecture format capable of bringing benefits to your company in the short, medium and long term.

We work with the main cloud providers in the market, having the flexibility that other companies do not have, because in addition we have certifications and experience with different tools, so, we can design the project based on the client’s needs and resources.

Interested in cloud architecture and migration? Know more.

Database Platforms

There are several types of relational and non-relational database platforms that Inove Solutions operates such as the best known SQL (Structured Query Language), Microsoft SQL Server that uses encrypted data, IBM DB2, Oracle’s MySQL in open source format and Root developed by Oracle and others used in the market.

We have the experience to manage and develop complex structures and in a personalized way according to the needs of the client, integrating different databases and also organizing and cleaning data to integrate them correctly and in a reliable form.

Construction and management of data centers

We understand the need for some companies to keep their critical applications and data in an internal data center. It is a complex structure and an architecture with adequate management of the data center is what will guarantee the reduction and forecasting of costs

This type of demand must be evaluated in detail, in order to understand the best place to host the servers. 

There are many factors to consider, including database types, LGPD issues, cybersecurity, and more. It is essential to have an experienced partner to guide best practices and ensure an internal data center without surprises.



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