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Cloud Architecture and Migration

The cloud architecture has really brought a key change in the IT sector, making it possible to increase scale, innovation and especially to allow adaptation and experimentation in an instant way different from legacy operational structures.

The cloud is also an accelerator for digital transformation, using artificial intelligence, analytics and IoT, bringing new features and business possibilities, making value chains more flexible.

Our Smart Migration Journey

Our work method allows the evolution of its structure in a constant way, because we develop our projects always projecting continuous innovation in the IT place. For this, we work in partnership together with our clients and this way we can evolve knowledge, skills and operation processes.

Our journey ranges from building complete infrastructure, migrating your ERP software to the cloud, to governing the operation through FinOps.

Cloud Management and Optimization 

Cloud systems have several layers that allow flexibility and customization to better meet the needs of the company and so well optimize the operation.

Inove Solutions makes an extensive assessment of needs and resources to optimize processes, reduce costs and ensure greater control.

We work with corporate environments such as PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) which uses high-level coding language to automate architectures.

In addition, we are experts and certified by different cloud brands like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Huawei and Oracle.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud uses public and private clouds in a unified way and according to the needs of the company. This service format allows you to implement apps, apis and micro services using the container and continue the operation in a  virtual machine, in addition, the hybrid cloud allows better real-time scaling and associating security policies for each application.

The benefits of using the hybrid cloud are extensive, including the optimization of operating expenses, but this type of architecture requires a partner with great expertise in order to design a long-term sustainable model.

Inove Solutions has great expertise in this type of operation with successful results in large national and international enterprises. 

Cloud security

Cloud security is an important specialty of the cybersecurity. With companies migrating to the cloud environment, it is important that, from the planning of the migration project, the ways of securing the environment are also studied, some points are key such as access management, compliance, cryptography and among other methods are important to ensure security.

With the increase of users cloud solutions, there was also an increase in the action of more agile hackers to corrupt these systems. 

Having an innovative and sagacious company is essential to stay ahead of these malicious users and, in addition, to know how to operate in case that attack happens, ensuring emergency actions that protect the data of your company.

Migration from ERP to Cloud 

Migrating from ERP to the cloud is a very assertive choice and several companies have already joined, this is because, data security, easier maintenance, integration with other systems, everything is easier, orchestrated and flexible. 

Indeed, this model has reduced companies’ costs and increased productivity, but migrating legacy ERP systems to the cloud is a great challenge and can generate a lot of headache if it isn’t carried in the correct form.

Having a data inventory, having the processes designed, migrating in different stages, considering security and even the organizational culture are some of the essential points for the migration.


• Cost reductions 

• Diagnosis with all areas of the company

• Migration strategy planning

• Choose of the providers and resources

• Evaluation of the team operational capacity and training

• Backup

• Migration in steps

• Tests security



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